WeWork and Rise8 partner to provide secure software development infrastructure to government agencies


Representing digital and workplace innovation in the U.S. government, Rise8 and We work have formed a partnership to provide government agencies with turnkey solutions that transform the way they build and deliver software.

So far the DoD approached building a software factory by buying each part independently, bringing people, culture, technology, and infrastructure together separately. We are changing that. We offer all of these elements of a successful transformation initiative in one package. We reduce the complexity and overhead of integrating these elements and make it as easy as possible for software programs and managers to focus on the results that matter to the mission from day one. Together we make shipping easier.

Although the tools are useful, they do not lead to transformations. People do. Our starting point is to enable a DevSecOps culture that effectively employs lean, agile, and user-centric design practices in environments that allow people to thrive and be inspired to do their best. Together, Rise8 and We work enable change agents to build the transformation of culture, process and technology that programs aspire to.

Why did we choose We work for this initiative? Environments shape outcomes. Transforming culture through an environment is more than just open space, unlimited coffee, ping pong tables and snacks. It’s about creating a learning environment where employees with a growth mindset can learn and thrive by supporting psychological safety and employee joy. It’s about creating opportunities for collisions – chance personal encounters – in the workplace. What We work is able to provide isn’t just a workspace, it’s the lifeblood of your organization – the key driver of creativity, community and cohesion.

This partnership with We work provides our customers with flexible scaling options coupled with federal domain experience to know what government teams need in their physical spaces and when, all in one convenient package.

“This partnership is seismic for many reasons. Above all, the agility provided to the war planner aimed at achieving results. I couldn’t be more excited to see where we can take him with this. We work xRise8!” – jamal sampsonAccount Manager, Defense and Intelligence, WeWork Federal Sales

On We work

We work was founded in 2010 with the vision of creating environments where people and businesses come together and do their best. Since opening our first store in New York City, we’ve become a global flexible spaces provider committed to delivering technology-driven flexible solutions, inspiring spaces and unparalleled community experiences. Today, we’re constantly reimagining how the workplace can help everyone, from the freelancers to the Fortune 500, be more motivated, productive and connected.

About Rise8

Rise8 is a digital services company where Silicon Valley wise meeting DoD expertise field.

Prior to Rise8, our people co-founded Kessel race (the DoD first software factory) and started Kobayashi Maru. We know the kind of talent a software factory needs because we built it from the ground up. We also know how to attract, develop and retain these talents better than our competitors. Many companies talk about these capabilities, but few have actually delivered them.

We partner with clients from highly compliant organizations to design, build, deploy and run the applications, platforms and pipelines needed to consistently deliver user-centric solutions to our clients.

Through our partnership with We workwe offer on-demand, secure and compliant virtual environments to build and deploy software, as well as culture, process and technology education, training and enablement services.

We use balanced teams comprised of product management, UX design, and extreme programming to consistently deliver valuable apps and data that users love. And we do it, not just quickly, but forever. Because software is never done.

Media Contact

Company name:Rise8

Contact: Elizabeth Halford

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 407-953-0526

Address: 1646 W Snow Ave Ste 71

Town: Tampa

State: FL

The country: United States

Website: https://rise8.us/

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