Verizon Skyward shut down drone software business


Verizon Skyward shuts down 4G LTE connected droneIn news that surprised customers and partners, Verizon Skyward shut down its drone software business yesterday. Launched in 2013, was acquired by telecommunications giant Verizon in 2017. Yesterday, the company sent customers an email announcing their intention to shut down:

We are announcing today that Skyward, a Verizon company, will be winding down operations in the coming weeks.

It was not an easy decision. The Verizon Robotics team will focus its efforts on ground robot management, connectivity services and solution development.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you…

Customers, partners, drone industry players and even competitors have expressed surprise and some disappointment at the company’s closure. Skyward was one of the first commercial drone management platforms: and as a company, has hired talented people who have participated and collaborated in driving the industry forward through regulation and technology development.

A Verizon representative provided DRONELIFE with this comment:

Yesterday Skyward, a Verizon company, announced that it was exiting its drone business. The company remains focused on its investments in robotic ground management, connectivity services and solution development. Verizon Robotics Group enables enterprise customers to effectively adopt and scale Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) to improve productivity, gain faster insights, and reduce costs through automation and 5G.

This decision is about market agility and ensuring that Verizon continues to focus on areas that offer near to medium term growth opportunities. We continue to focus our investments on ground robotics, including incubedIT, supporting industrial and outdoor uses in the US and Europe.

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