Translation of students into Sanskrit, games with software publishers; teaching job offer


150 students at Central Sanskrit University’s Bhopal campus are getting good job offers from software companies as well as temples and religious trusts. This change has been observed over the past 3 years. When the university collected information about its students’ employment and self-employment this year, it learned that students who go to study from here get a good job when it comes to online translation, c i.e. translation from other languages ​​into Sanskrit and from Sanskrit into other languages.

At the same time, they are also in charge of translating inscriptions, copper sheets and Vedic texts into Hindi. Especially the students who graduate from this university after doing UG, PG in Sanskrit after doing PhD, they get an annual lump sum of Rs 4-5 lakhs. About 50 of these students find employment each year. At the same time, about 100 students from different courses at UG get second jobs. This year, 10 students from the same university received an offer to come to Europe and lead a seminar on the Sanskrit language.

High demand for these courses

There are 5 main courses at the university. Among them, Shastri (BA), Acharya (MA), Vidya Varidhi (PhD), Shiksha Shastri (B.Ed) and Shiksha Acharya (M.Ed) are prominent. Of these, there are 33 subjects in Shastri, 22 in Acharya, 19 in Ph.D., 7 in degree programs and 11 in certificate programs. According to information received from the university, students studying in other subjects take certificate and diploma courses provided by them, because with their help teaching jobs are found. The situation is that 96 students have been admitted to the 60 places of the Shastri course in 2020 and this year too, all have been filled. Meanwhile, 25 seats of Acharya, the 100 seats of Shiksha Shastri and Shiksha Acharya have been filled, while the 60 seats of Prak Shastri are also filled.

A student made a game in Sanskrit, good command of his computer language

Sumit Pandey, a PG student from Sanskrit University, has prepared a Sanskrit-based Android game. Many companies are ready to buy this game, but they say I make it stronger now. Another student, Manmohan Sharma, has also mastered computer language and is now an engineer. Student Ankur Pandey started working in the priestly field after completing his studies. Formed his own institution and added other Sanskrit students. Currently, their annual turnover is Rs 15 lakh.

increase in demand now

Translation work increased a lot, there were more admissions than places in Corona times

Students studying here get good job offers over the past two to three years. Now a lot of translation work has risen in the field of Sanskrit. Computer training is continuously provided here with knowledge of Sanskrit. A student created an Android game in Sanskrit. At the same time, software companies are also offering jobs for Sanskrit students. In Corona times there were more admissions than places.

-Pro. Ramakant Pandey, Director, Central Sanskrit University, Bhopal Campus


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