Top 5 software development trends for startups according to MobiDev


When talking about software product development for a startup, business goals tend to dominate, although technologies play a big role in achieving these goals. MobiDev discovers software development trends for startups within technologies perfectly suited to the development of mobile or web applications in 2022.


Apart from the fast performance of Flutter code, this framework is powered by Google and has many advantages, namely common user interface and business logic across different platforms, powerful rendering engine, and ability to update code and see the changes introduced almost instantly. . Unlike competing technologies, Flutter allows more than 95% of the code to be shared between platforms, whereas, for example, in React Native, the same indicator does not exceed 60-80%.

2. React Native

The cross-platform development fostered by the application of React Native has been evolving intensively for at least 7 years. Today, Bloomberg’s mobile app for iOS and Android, cross-platform Ads Manager app for Facebook, Restaurant Dashboard in UberEats, iOS Discord App, and different parts of Microsoft products – from OneDrive to Outlook – are built using React Native technology. React Native is the preferred option for the developer-centric platform.


For one thing, PWAs are as discoverable as web apps. On the other hand, PWAs provide a seamless user experience comparable to native apps. Fewer features of PWAs derive from restricted access to device hardware. However, the PWA approach can give you the edge if an application needs to be developed and deployed as quickly as possible, with an affordable budget.

4. Headless SMT

It is a scalable solution – the flexibility of the headless CMS allows content to be reused since it is not united with the code. Headless CMS design features allow content and APIs to be managed by users. Publishers work together on content, which is then stored and delivered. Research and market forecasts demonstrate that headless CMS is a promising direction – its software market is expected to reach US$1,628.6 million by 2027.

5. Fire Base

Teams of different sizes use Firebase to mobile building and web apps as it includes handy tools and services, namely authentication, analytics, cloud messaging, real-time database, crashlytics for troubleshooting, performance monitoring, and test lab.

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