Top 4 EV Software Companies in India


In this current scenario where pollution is constantly increasing due to transportation, new technologies keep appearing all over the world. These alternative technologies in transportation are primarily based on electric vehicles, with many companies jumping on the bandwagon to get some traction before the industry drastically moves away from traditional fossil fuels.

The Indian electric vehicle industry is growing, but it does not have an established market leader in all vehicles. There is only 1% acceptance of electric vehicles compared to petrol/diesel vehicles for many reasons.

Many companies are offering the best in their segment so that consumers can switch to electric vehicles simultaneously while trying to solve the major problem related to it. There are more than 10 major players in the 2-wheeler segment, 3-4 in electric buses and a few in car manufacturing.

Here are the top electric vehicle (EV) software companies in India:

Top 10 EV Software Companies in India

Dassault’s “Simulia” software

Mahindra Electric usesDassault’s “Simulia” softwarewhich is powered by the ‘3DEXPERIENCE ‘ realistic simulation platform in a virtual environment.

Mahindra Electric will aim for innovation efficiency using digital simulations for all existing electric vehicles in the company’s lineup.

The first electric vehicle made in India was by Mahindra named Reva before 2001. Mahindra Company was India’s first space electric vehicle. However, Mahindra has not only focused on manufacturing electric vehicles but also on batteries and has partnered with various institutions to boost electric vehicle charging.

TataIoT Elxsi

Through a collaborative approach, Tata Motors and Tata Elxsi have developed a cloud-based IoT platform that provides Tata Motors with a common standard technology stack that delivers the scalability and high performance needed to support the full range of electric, commercial and passenger vehicles. The largest automaker currently in India is Tata Motors.

Its automotive segment ranges from the manufacture of cars, commercial vehicles, buses, trucks and defense vehicles. Currently, the company is doing its best in the field of electric cars in India, providing the best cars in the segment. It mainly focuses on the EV side and has already captured 70% of the EV market.

Apart from electric vehicles, Tata has also focused on setting up charging stations in its efforts to improve the infrastructure of the industry.

hyundaiblue link

This company is called the South Korean global giant in the world. This company entered the Indian electric vehicle market with the launch of the car called Hyundai Kona EV in India.

They have stated that this car has been specially designed for the Indian market and will suit Indian operating conditions with a range of 452 km.

Ashok Leyland- UQM Technologies

Ashok Leyland selected UQM as the electric drive supplier for its transit vehicles in India and started the initial demonstration program, using the UQM Power Phase Electric Drive (EDT) train.

Ashok Leyland is the 4th largest bus manufacturer in the world and a truck market leader in India. Ashok Leyland designs electric variants specifically for Indian conditions and has also introduced battery swapping in electric buses to meet electric mobility needs in the country. It launched several variants of electric buses like the Circuit, HYBUS and Electric Euro 6 Truck, and announced the IBUS. However, the immediate objective of the company is currently to give more impetus to exports.


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