The world’s highest paid software companies and the highest package offered


Software engineers dominate the scene today. Ever since the computer industry took the lead in imprinting jobs, there has been a constant demand for talented software engineers. Today, this is the scenario that the average salary for a software engineer will be around $ 92,000. But this is only the average.

What we mean is that some companies pay double the salary offered to entry-level engineers. So, let’s see the names of the highest paying software companies in the world.

  1. LinkedIn
    LinkedIn is known as the social media site for the career-oriented crowd. Great for job searches, the site is also touted as one of the highest paying software companies. It has been estimated that the senior engineers at the site receive a salary of $ 461,000 per year. Apart from that, there are other allowances such as fitness classes, elder care, house cleaning as well as benefits that an employee is entitled to.
  2. Facebook
    Facebook is another company that has made a name for itself. The social media giant is known to generously pay entry-level and intermediate software engineers. And for everyone in the top job, they get some of the best pay. In addition to earning up to $ 895,000, Facebook also gives employees a paid 30-day break every 5 years.
  3. Lyft
    Located in San Francisco, Lyft is known to pay the highest wages to employees. The company has more than 45 offices across the country and is known to award compensation worth $ 230,000 per year. Apart from that, the perks of working at Lyft also include 18 weeks of paid parental leave, free online classes, and discounted rides. All of this together makes the organization perfect in terms of treating employees in the best way.
  4. Microsoft
    Founded by Bill Gates, Microsoft is also labeled as the mother ship of all software companies. The premier PC software and application development organization, the company is also rated as the best in terms of compensation offered. Apparently, the salary compensation a junior engineer receives is equal to $ 148,068. This, along with other benefits, makes Microsoft one of the world’s leading software companies.
  5. Roblox
    Roblox is an online gaming platform loved by millions of people. But this is not the only identity of the organization. Apparently, the company pays a high salary for software engineers. If you are a newbie engineer, chances are you can earn up to $ 222,000 per year. The company is also listed in Fortune’s Best Workplaces and includes perks like a fitness center and commuter benefits for the workforce.
  6. Adobe
    Adobe Inc was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in San Francisco. One of the most popular products from the company’s software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Lightroom and many more. Almost all software engineers in the organization are entitled to a salary of $ 119,611. This, along with other acquisitions such as Marketo and Allegorithmic, makes the company a software giant in today’s market.
  7. Oracle
    Oracle is also considered to be one of the largest providers of database and business application software. The main activity of the company revolves around the distribution of software products for data management, design, development and integration of applications. With annual sales of $ 39,506 million, the company has a reputation for paying high salaries to its employees. The average salary for a software engineer is around $ 106,187 with other benefits. All of this together has helped Oracle become one of the highest paying software companies in the world.

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