The Internet of Things 2020 50


Simplify IoT development, deployment and management

The global IoT technology market is expected to grow from $384.5 billion in 2021 to $566.4 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 6.7%, according to a recent report by MarketsandMarkets.

This growth is fueled by a number of factors, including increasingly decentralized data centers and disbursed cloud networks, the widespread adoption of 5G communications, and the growing number of sensors and smart devices connected to wireless networks. .

IoT software is an important component of this overall market, including IoT applications for specific tasks such as managing building HVAC systems, linking industrial systems in a manufacturing plant, or collecting data from sensors. in a farmer’s field. The IoT software category also includes developer tools for creating IoT applications, software for deploying and managing IoT applications and networks.

Many of the industry’s largest software vendors compete in the IoT space, including Amazon Web Services with its AWS IoT services and solutions, and Microsoft with its Azure IoT offerings. But some of the most innovative IoT software being developed today comes from a wave of startups focused specifically on the challenges and opportunities of the IoT.

As part of CRN’s 2022 Internet of Things 50 list, here are the 10 coolest IoT software companies driving IoT innovation.


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