Tentacle announces launch of software application to modernize archaic and ineffective methods of information security industry


Tentacle is a startup that seeks to transform the information security space for all organizations

PLANO, Texas– (BUSINESS WIRE) –# cybersecurity—Tentacle announces the official launch of its first technical platform focused on modernizing, optimizing and connecting key stakeholders and details of their respective information security programs. Tentacle Core Application is a highly configurable data management and security assessment tool that helps organizations create and manage their information security program posture. At Tentacle.io, organizations are able to selectively capture, structure and present the details of their information security program with much greater efficiency and effectiveness, leaving aside normal business assessment practices. redundant spreadsheets and information requests. Tentacle enables organizations to manage their own InfoSec program, while effectively managing shared third-party projects using Tentacle’s unique, streamlined, real-time assessment approach.

“We are not solving a new problem. And it’s no secret that the evaluation space has been horribly inefficient, ”says Matthew Combs, Founder and CEO of Tentacle. “The market space we are entering has been deprived of innovation and the benefits of today’s networked technology. What we solve is pervasive and growing. We’re not just trying to help thousands of businesses, but millions of them.

Tentacle helps streamline the security assessment process for all parties. For reviewers, Tentacle makes it easy to request and receive information from their third parties. Assessment requests and responses can be easily centralized and sorted based on question responses, criticality, and security frameworks. Assessed organizations can save time by sharing answers to previously answered security questions, attaching relevant documents, and updating them as necessary. The answers to the questions for an evaluation are automatically used for future evaluations of the other partners of the platform.

“The daily threats to all of our systems are growing rapidly, no matter what your business. For PSG in particular, our ability to ensure that our more than 70 portfolio companies take the right steps to protect themselves is not only essential for our investments, but also crucial for the continued growth and security of each partner in which we invest. », Says Peter Troost, CEO of PSG.

The importance of information security management and the security assessment process continues to grow. With over 2,200 daily cyberattacks worldwide (one every 39 seconds) and an average of $ 200,000 per successful attack, organizations are taking action and increasing their technology budgets for information security and management. risks, which are now expected to exceed $ 150 billion in total. in 2021, according to Gartner. Tentacle brings innovation, efficiency and reliability to this space, enabling organizations to better optimize their information security posture in response to these heightened threats.

About tentacle: Tentacle is an information security startup based in Plano, Texas that has developed a configurable data management tool that will enable organizations to improve their information security programs and overall security posture. The Tentacle core product enables businesses of all sizes to manage all the details related to their internal security posture, track and monitor similar information for their partners and suppliers, centralize storage and management of all related documentation on the agenda, increase overall connectivity with key partners, establish multiple internal projects to track independent security requirements and continually benchmark all activities against today’s top industry executives governing the space information security.


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