TechLaunch announces free masterclass to take software companies from 7 to 8 figures and beyond


TechLaunch today announced the release of its new, free masterclass that helps software publishers go from startup to scale on the path to $100 million in annual revenue.

Many software entrepreneurs have discovered huge market opportunities, but need guidance to shorten their learning curve. They need immediate results from lead generation and sales to sustain their cash flow, but they also know they need to build better systems to get off the treadmill of being stuck in a job of their own making.

“Entrepreneurs in our community are typically close to market fit for products with at least six-figure incomes, but find themselves engrossed in their day-to-day roles, barely coping with expenses, and constantly burnt out,” the director shared. from TechLaunch, Chris Redick.

“We help these entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs grow their organization 10x with proven principles that drive consistent leads, explosive profitability, and extreme customer satisfaction,” Reddick continued.

TechLaunch’s 10X Master Class is based on four key areas of operational improvement: generating leads and closing more deals, hiring and managing an amazing team, delivering services or products efficiently, and automating repetitive processes to grow profitably.

TechLaunch created the new masterclass as a way to give back to the community, the result of more than three decades of collective experience building software development organizations and advising technology entrepreneurs, founders and investors.

With TechLaunch’s accelerator and complementary resources, ISV entrepreneurs and founders have access to practical steps that allow them to dominate their industry with exceptional marketing, stunning close rates and highly profitable operations. .

“Our promise is simple…if you follow our advice and work hard, you can grow your eight-figure income 10 times and beyond – it really is that simple,” Reddick concluded.

For free access to 10X Master Class and join a community of hungry and vibrant entrepreneurs, check out

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TechLaunch is a business accelerator that helps software companies increase revenue 10x with repeat leads, explosive profitability, and extreme customer satisfaction.

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