STL expands its software activity in Africa, partner of Limpopo Connexion


While the world is on the brink of massive digital disruption, there are many regions where the bulk of the population is still not connected and not yet benefiting from digital technologies. For example, in South Africa, out of a total of 60 million inhabitants, around 21 million are still not connected.[1] Service providers like Limpopo are now deploying fiber broadband networks in the region to fuel digitally-driven economic growth across the continent. As Limpopo builds a network infrastructure to enable this digital transformation, it will also need to transform its network management tools. As part of this collaboration, STL will provide Limpopo Connexion with an end-to-end, fully containerized, web-scale converged BSS / OSS platform.

STL BSS / OSS digital platform gives customers access to a complete, cloud-native application development ecosystem and hybrid cloud management system. This will enable Limpopo to launch forward-looking digital services and applications such as online education, telemedicine and online governance, transforming billions of lives in the region.

Commenting on this partnership, Baldwin Ramasobane, Interim CEO, Limpopo Connexion, noted: “Limpopo paves the way for digital inclusion in Africa thanks to new generation digital services and applications. We are extremely excited to partner with STL for their advanced BSS / OSS solution and will leverage this to grow our business and capabilities, increase our competitiveness and deliver a great digital experience to our customers. “

Speaking about this collaboration, Saikat Mitra, COO, Network Software STL, said: “We are very happy to support Limpopo on its digital transformation journey. This web-scale converged platform will give them the agility to build advanced applications. Designed for scale and speed, this solution will give them a competitive advantage to launch digital services and build applications ready for the future. “

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