Software makers rebound from pandemic-related losses – Technology


The province’s biggest software companies have recovered from job losses suffered during the pandemic, according to data collected on Business in Vancouver’s Biggest Software Companies in BC list (

In 2021, one year after the start of the pandemic, the average and median number of employees at major BC software companies declined by 3.6% and 14.8%, respectively, compared to 2020 levels.

However, median and average employment have more than recovered over the past year following the decline in 2021. Average employment in British Columbia increased 14.4% in 2022 to 420.9 employees from 367 .8 in 2021, surpassing the previous 2020 high of 381.5 employees. Median employment in British Columbia saw an even larger increase: up 20.9% to 312.5 employees in 2022, from 258.5 in 2021. This suggests that while the companies on the list have grown, small businesses at the bottom of the list grew faster than large businesses at the top of the list.

The variation in growth rates is evidenced by the dramatic 8.8% decline in employment at SAP Canada Inc., No. 1, from 2019 to 2021. The number of employees at this company fell from 1 460 in 2019 to 1,332 in 2012.

Despite this decline, however, SAP employment has largely recovered in 2022, rising 14.4% to 1,400.

No. 3 Bench recorded the largest year-over-year increase in employment in British Columbia: a 140% increase to 600 employees in 2022, from 250 in 2021.


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