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The company specializing in intelligence and investigation software Altia acquired VeriSaaS, a field intelligence and evidence collection software. Altia, based in Nottingham and Glasgow, provides typically police investigation teams for the automation of investigative processes.

Australia-based VeriSaaS develops software that enables users to collect actionable insights. The core product Verinote, a digital note-taking system, replaces the need for paper notebooks to document conversations, decisions and observations. The software, capable of running on any device, stores notes in the cloud allowing users to search and access information in real time.

Altia says the deal expands its product offering and helps the company grow its international presence in the 17 countries in which it operates, earning it the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade in April. This is also Altia’s first acquisition after the investment from NorthEdge in November 2020. Brice Neilson, Founder and CEO of VeriSaaS, will join Altia as Director Asia Pacific.

Rob Sinclair, CEO of Altia, said, “We want to continue to create the latest cutting edge software that will transform the way the public and private sectors approach investigations. The addition of the Verinote software perfectly completes our proposal and supports us towards these ambitious projects. Brice’s experience in law enforcement and policy has enabled him to build a software company that solves complex and critical problems with practical solutions. Physical note taking is inefficient, expensive to acquire, and at worst, these sensitive documents can be lost or stolen. Verinote eliminates these problems and provides investigative teams with compliant actionable information instantly and securely.

“This acquisition, supported by NorthEdge, is another sign of our commitment to continue our growth. I am delighted that Brice is joining our growing team and look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.

Brice added: “I have been a partner of Altia for a little over a year now and I have always been impressed by their willingness to help investigative teams from government organizations, law enforcement and the private sector to improve their efficiency and effectiveness through technology. VeriSaaS’s core software offering Verinote is highly applicable and proven in the market, and I look forward to expanding it to other regions of the world with Altia.

Kevin O’Loughlin, chief investment officer of NorthEdge and member of the board of directors of Altia, said: “November will mark a year since we invested in Altia, and I couldn’t be happier that we recognize that with the company’s very first acquisition. VeriSaaS ambitions align perfectly with Altia’s and given the strong relationship Rob and Brice have built over the past 12 months, this makes for a great partnership. This acquisition follows a significant year of investments for the company in its technology and people, and we look forward to seeing it continue to grow its global presence in the public and private sectors.

Australia-based Browne Jacobson and Maddocks advised the deal.


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