Software companies launch development program for female developers to jump-start their careers


Career breaks, whether for maternity or caregiving, are quite common among women, and yet they hamper their growth trajectory in the workplace. Recognizing that this is an issue that creates more barriers for women, many global companies are now trying to help women on career breaks gain more skills so they can re-enter the workforce. work. VMware, the enterprise software company, has just announced its collaboration with Intel in India to offer female software developers a chance to restart their careers after a break.

As part of this joint initiative of the two companies’ upskilling programs, VMware’s VMinclusion Taara and Intel’s Home To Office (H2O) will offer women a wide range of free courses so they feel empowered to return to work with updated skills and more career opportunities in hand. VMinclusion Taara, which launched in 2019, will provide 15,000 women with free technical training and certification courses in cloud management, automation, data center virtualization, network and digital workspaces. H2O courses, first launched in 2017, will focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), time series analysis, DL for robotics and anomaly detection.

Additionally, VMware’s spring courses will also provide women with experience in auto-configuration, testing frameworks, building enterprise and cloud-ready applications. “We are excited about this collaboration with Intel as we come together to enable more female developers in India to successfully return to work. Our goal is to help bring talented female developers back into the industry by nurturing them with the right resources,” Duncan said. Hewett, senior vice president and general manager of VMware, in the statement.

“Globally, by 2030, we aim to increase the number of women in technical roles at Intel to 40%, and we remain committed to investing in social equity programs and initiatives that advance our inclusion goals. We believe that shaping the skills of women technologists, who are an essential workforce, is imperative to driving innovation and industry growth,” said Nivruti Rai, National Director of Intel India and Vice President of Intel Foundry Services.


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