Software companies have shown “incredible growth and resilience” during pandemic, says founding partner of iAngels


“There were certain sectors – for example, digital health and food technology – that actually received favorable winds because of the pandemic,” Shelly Hod Moyal said at Calcalist’s Tech on the Roof event. “The digital businesses or software companies that have actually helped businesses be more digital and automated have also grown dramatically. And so there are a lot of investment opportunities due to the pandemic.

In total, Moyal and the iAngels team made a total of 28 investments this year, between new investments and investments in existing companies within their portfolio. “If there’s anything people realize, it’s that even during Corona, companies continued to pay their software bills. It hasn’t changed, ”she added.

Moyal highlighted how software and digital software spaces have shown “incredible growth and resilience” during the pandemic, noting that “fintech and blockchain have been huge beneficiaries of this time when people were at home and have started, rather than working, building their own equity and investing and looking for new and innovative ways to invest.

You can watch the entire exchange in the video above


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