Software Combined Completes Acquisition of Four Software Vendors


Software aggregator Software Combined has completed its first four acquisitions to become the locally based Australian company dedicated to investing in and supporting a portfolio of established software companies.

Acquired software businesses Streamtime, Scope Systems, Energy Inspection and MacroView operate in the creative, mining, energy and document management industries and collectively generate over $11 million in EBITDA .

Software Combined, which positions itself as a leader in identifying and acquiring niche and B2B software companies based in Australia and New Zealand, screens around 150 companies each year, offering owners or managers of software companies access to capital or liquidity options. to drive innovation, while protecting the businesses they’ve built.

Software Combined co-founder Stefan Jansen said, “Our software aggregation strategy is unique in Australia through our acquisition, business support and optimization plan for each business. We focus on profitable and stable software companies that operate in niche markets with a limited number of players.

“Many of these companies have been operating successfully for several years, but are joining Software Combined to help them achieve their long-term growth plans. We partner with these companies to optimize operations and maximize growth while preserving the business that the founders have built.”

Software Combined says Streamtime offers business intelligence, resource and project management software for the creative industry; Scope Systems is a leading Australian software company specializing in enterprise resource planning and business intelligence for the mining industry; Energy Inspection provides industry-leading BERSPro energy modeling software trusted by the industry for over a decade; and MacroView provides software for managing and generating documents and emails in the Microsoft 365 environment.

“These top four companies in our portfolio are cash flow positive businesses with strong customer install bases and high levels of recurring revenue,” Jansen said.

“They have high combined customer retention and recurring revenue. Importantly, these companies are leaders in their respective fields with experienced leadership. We look forward to working with these companies to leverage their unique propositions and capitalize on growth opportunities. organic growth.

“When you sell your business, it is crucial that you find a buyer who will take care of your staff, customers and key suppliers. We chose Software Combined to buy our 28-year-old company, Scope Systems, because of their culture, their high rating on our ‘good guy matrix’, and their intention to foster and improve on what we already had.” , said the president of Scope Systems. Troy Morrison.

“With our 150 years of accumulated business, professional and leadership expertise in portfolio management, business improvement and key stakeholder management, we help unlock additional growth and scale through strategic advice , sharing of best practices and access to capital. We partner with each company to create an optimization plan that leverages their unique propositions – rather than forcing integrations or trying to transform them. »

Software Combined says it offers founders of software companies the flexibility to leave their company knowing that the business they created will continue as planned, even when the options in the financial markets are uncertain.

“The operating environment is currently very volatile, especially for IT business owners looking for capital or liquidity options. Our candidate companies seek investors who will protect the business, optimize operations and inject capital for long-term growth. Software Combined can provide this stability. We are ideally positioned in this changing investment environment as investors seek more stable and profitable companies that generate good returns,” added Morrison.


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