Majority of IT and Software Companies Use Employee Engagement to Attract Talent – Report


A report from Leena AI, a technology solution that transforms the employee experience, shows that 51% of IT and software companies use employee engagement to attract talent.

Employee engagement is also used to improve the employee experience in a hybrid work model by 42% of organizations in the IT and software industry, according to the results.

Since the start of the pandemic, the importance of employee engagement has skyrocketed with the changing needs of employees and employers. The hybrid work model requires organizations to adopt employee engagement tools and practices in step with this evolution.

Employee engagement surveys

Other findings in the report show that while organizations have commonly used annual employee engagement surveys, 50% of the report suggests an increasing frequency of such surveys. 25% of organizations said they have quarterly employee engagement surveys in place, while only 8% run them monthly.

The increased frequency of employee engagement surveys has also driven the need for advanced tools and technological practices in the workplace. According to the report, more than 50% of survey respondents admitted to using simple surveys and feedback forms to gauge employee engagement, while 25% said they relied solely on manual methods.

Adit Jain, co-founder and CEO of Leena AI, said, “For quite some time, employee engagement has been seen as a side business conducted only when needed.” Today, organizations need to implement an effective HR strategy to create a positive work environment and retain valuable talent, he added.

Organizations in different industries know what employee engagement can do for them – from accessing better talent to retaining them. Their goals may be different, but their destination is the same, the report says.

Findings are taken from Leena AI’s 2022 Employee Engagement and Hybrid Workplace Report. The semi-annual report highlights employee engagement at 250 companies around the world, including India and the United States.

Published on

June 30, 2022


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