Learn the basics of software development with this $19 package


If you’re not sure how to get started in software development or even if it’s the right career for you, The Software Development Process Bootcamp Bundle offers a great introduction.

The technical skills you need to be a developer vary with each project, but this crash course gives an overview of what everyday life entails, with some coding and project management fundamentals to get you started.

Classes are delivered by Coding Gears, an online learning platform dedicated to making it easy to understand technical skills. The instructors have over 20 years of experience in areas such as computing, virtualization, database management and, of course, software development.

The set includes four courses containing vital information for every stage of your fledgling career. There’s a revealing primer on the software development lifecycle that shows how an application goes from a raw idea to perfected software. Then find information about modern software development methodologies and each team member’s role in them. There’s even a one-hour course dedicated to Agile that can help you better understand the whole process.

If you want to get into coding, Programming Basics for Non-Programmers is the place to start. With these tips, you can start developing shell programs with Python in less than two hours. Along the way, learn key concepts and develop a mindset that will make you a better developer in any language.

It’s all included in the Bootcamp Bundle of Software Development Processes, on sale now to PCMag readers for just $19, or 97% off the MSRP of $796.

Prices subject to change.

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