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Working in IT does not require knowledge of software development, but the knowledge acquired through learning about development can be very useful for any professional. The Software Development Processes Bootcamp Pack offers a deep insight into the process in concise lessons from expert developers.

These four bootcamps were developed by the Coding Gears team. With over two decades of training experience, the Coding Gears team consists of programmers and trainers who use their personal experience in their course curriculum. This turns theory into a practical overview of the subject, which is available for lifetime access on any modern browser, broken down into lessons you can incorporate into your day.

For those who have never coded before, the set begins with a discussion of programming fundamentals suitable for someone who has never written a line of code. It’s structured to get you up to speed quickly, or to refresh you after a long time away from the command line. It also lays the foundation for learning multiple programming languages ​​and communicating better with developers.

Once you’ve got the basics down, the whole thing turns to Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) patterns and how they affect design and implementation. Each of these patterns offers a different approach, and knowing the pattern can help you anticipate design cycles and changes.

Next, it examines the Agile approach. Agile emphasizes collaboration and cross-functionality, and has lessons beyond software development for managers and employees. The next bootcamp looks at Extreme Programming, which uses pairs of developers offering constant, honest feedback in order to code the best work possible.

A better understanding of software development can give you insight into why it works a certain way. The Software Development Processes Bootcamp Bundle helps you get this information for $19, which is 97% off the MSRP of $796.

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