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Team building for your IT project

NAPLES, FLORIDA, USA, June 6, 2022 / — Distributed development teams are on the rise — and it makes sense. The decentralized team model offers a few benefits, from access to global talent to faster turnaround times. But making the transition from one team model to another can be difficult. Is it worth changing?

This is what we want to help you understand in the first article of the series. We’ll show you the pros and cons of in-house and distributed models, as well as a growing alternative: remote in-sourcing.®. There are proven tricks to make the transition as smooth as possible.

The article contains a guide through the different types of development team models, namely In-House and Remote In-Sourcing®. The advantages and disadvantages of each model are listed here to help you quickly decide on the most appropriate option for your software development project.

There is also a comparison between in-house development, distributed development and remote insourcing® team models according to three criteria:
– Price
– Acquire talent
– Communication

The benchmarking provided may spark the idea of ​​changing the model of your development team. You do not have to switch to a single method: for example, you can use a Remote In-Sourcing® team to complement your internal team.
Whichever model you want to switch to, there are four best practices to keep in mind mentioned in the article. Find the full version here.

About Intetics — The Leading Remote Insourcing Provider®

Remote provisioning® is Intetics’ proprietary software development team model, and it has been applied to many global projects. We’ve helped companies in all industries optimize their performance and get them to market faster. Our development teams are scalable, follow the Agile SDLC, and have the talent to give your business a competitive boost. If you’re ready to supplement or replace your in-house development team without the headache of recruiting, contact us today!

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