Here are the 20 largest software companies in Arizona


Greater Phoenix Economic Council President and CEO Chris Camacho often talks about how Metro Phoenix has become a “technology hub.” Nowhere is this development more evident than in the explosive growth of software companies in the Valley. Here are the 20 largest software companies in Arizona — based on number of employees and in alphabetical order — according to Gregslist.

AFS Technologies

What he does: Trade promotion management for consumer products companies

CEO: Joe Bellini

Axon (formerly Taser International)

What he does: Evidence management software and devices for law enforcement

CEO: Rick Smith


What he does: Enterprise integration and EDI technologies

CEO: Patrick Donovan


What he does: Software platform for the healthcare industry

President and CEO: Brent Shafer

Digital Airstrike

What he does: Digital Marketing Management Tools for Small Businesses

Co-founder and CEO: Alexis Venneri

Early warning services

What he does: Payment and risk protection solutions for financial institutions

CEO: Paul Finch

Enghouse Interactive (Syntellect)

What he does: Multichannel call center and unified communications software

President and CEO: Steve Sadler

Global Tranz

What he does: Freight brokerage and trucking logistics

President and CEO: Renee Krug

come on daddy

What he does: Website Domain Registration and Small Business Marketing Tools

CEO: Aman Bhutan

International cruise and excursion

What he does: The platform runs rewards programs for the travel industry

CEO and co-founder: John Rowley


What he does: Project management software suite for capital-intensive industries

Product manager : Brad Bart


What he does: Supply Chain Logistics and Retail Planning Software

CEO: Girish Rishi

Keap (formerly Infusionsoft)

What he does: Sales and Marketing Automation for Small Business

CEO: Clate Mask


What he does: Unified communications software for businesses

CEO and co-founder: Tomas Gorny


What he does: Full Service Home Buyer with Software Platform

CEO and co-founder: Brian Bayer


What he does: Integrated CRM and CMS for destination marketing companies

CEO: Ryan-Georges


What he does: SAR, consent and data privacy management

CEO: Kal Somani

Mobility will see

What he does: Traffic, fleet and vehicle management solutions

CEO: David Robert


What he does: Asset and Facility Management Software and Services

President and CEO: Jim Reavey


What he does: Electronic medical record and billing software for physiotherapists

Co-founder and clinical director: Heidi Jannenga


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