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LOS ANGELES, February 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Filmio, Inc. announced that effective today, its new brand will be Ingredient X. Ingredient X is the creative force behind, the world’s most powerful decentralized cinema ecosystem that places Hollywood decision-making on the blockchain and in the hands of creators and fans.

The name change represents the organization’s continued evolution from the original technology developer for into a specialist software developer and film and television content studio. Ingredient X will continue to support with software contributions while using the platform as an industry participating studio to continue creating great content.

“With the upcoming public launch of, our work as core developers is largely complete. We will continue to support the platform as software developers and executive advisors, but our primary focus will now shift to our passion for creating great content – only now able to leverage the most powerful decentralized cinema ecosystem ever created,” said Ian LeWinterPresident of Ingredient X.

In its new evolution, Ingredient X will specialize in the development of blockchain technologies and original entertainment content and experiences, including film, television, virtual reality and NFT projects. The organization produces feature films and original series, including its upcoming “Star Wars” fandom anthem “5-25-77,” which is theatrically released in select markets, and Landmarks Live In Concert, a hybrid notebook series. travel and musical documentary hosted by Red Hot Chili Peppers. drummer Chad Smith and featuring musicians such as KD Lang, Alicia’s Keys and the Foo Fighters.

Ingredient X’s expertise also extends to software development through the leadership of its industry veterans. Its patent-pending Vault Lock™ protection technology is designed to address creators’ legitimate concerns about intellectual property protection and plagiarism, using a process in which new projects uploaded to the platform receive a “proof of originality” timestamp.

“At the end of the day, we are a group of serial entrepreneurs who benefit from a combined experience in
technology and entertainment spanning four decades. As Ingredient X, we will continue to develop innovative DeFi, NFT and other blockchain-related technologies, enabling us to implement smart contracts, realize cross-blockchain communication and advanced solutions for the entertainment,” said Bryan HertzExecutive Chairman of Ingredient X.

Film industry professionals have started using blockchain and decentralized funding strategies to make the process of making films more efficient, democratized and transparent and less costly and risky. platform streamlines all of these cutting-edge solutions into one efficient ecosystem. Engaging fans of a film project on the blockchain is one way promises to change the industry by (1) providing new avenues for independent content to be funded through fan interaction, and (2) allowing projects to build audiences and receive market validation. at the idea stage, providing meaningful ROI data to film investors.

“When leaders have proof that an audience is excited about a movie or TV series long before it’s made, from hollywood doors will open to more original content that will emerge at a faster rate. Imagine when budding creators can upload ideas, gather fan feedback before production begins, and pitch their projects to studios and production companies without the need for personal connections,” says LeWinter.

About ingredient X:

Ingredient X is a film and software development studio specializing in blockchain, DeFi and NFT technologies that encompass our mission to transform centralized power and control with decentralized transparency and inclusiveness. Ingredient X has created, the world’s most powerful decentralized cinema ecosystem that places Hollywood decision-making on the blockchain and in the hands of creators and fans.

Ingredient X also produces original film, TV, VR, and NFT projects, including an anthem to “Star Wars” fandom feature, “5-25-77,” and Landmarks Live In Concert, a series hybrid of travel diaries and musical documentaries hosted by Red Hot. pepper beater Chad Smith with musicians such as KD Lang, Alicia’s Keys and Foo Fighters.

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