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Source: Bosch announcement

STUTTGART, Germany – Bosch is taking further strategic steps towards a leadership position in the software-dominated future of mobility. In the future, under the umbrella of its subsidiary ETAS GmbH, the company will develop and sell basic vehicle software, middleware, cloud services and development tools for universal application.

A total of 2,300 experts from various development areas of Bosch and ETAS will be meeting there from mid-2022.

“Software development has long been a core competence at Bosch. Every year, we install over 200 million control units running our own software in vehicles around the world. With this new configuration, we want to become the leading provider of application independent vehicle software, ”said Dr. Stefan Hartung, President of the Mobility Solutions business area of ​​Robert Bosch GmbH.

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A year ago, Bosch created its Cross-Domain Computing Solutions division, a powerful unit for application-specific vehicle software with specific hardware for many areas of the vehicle such as driver assistance and infotainment. .

Today, the company brings together its portfolio of independent software applications for vehicles and the cloud at ETAS. The resulting central platform will allow it to develop automotive software more quickly and efficiently with its partners.

“Our universal software base is essential for the digitization of modern software-defined vehicles,” said Stefan Hartung.

Bosch will combine its universal software platform with its expertise in developing innovative software functions.

“This creates a USP and a significant competitive advantage for Bosch,” said Dr Markus Heyn, Bosch Board Member.

In the future, ETAS will offer this universal platform and the accompanying development environment to vehicle manufacturers and other suppliers.

Software gains importance for automakers

Until now, the rule was that vehicles were delivered as a finished product. In the future, however, a car’s software will be continually improved and extended – throughout its lifespan. This will provide drivers with a personalized digital driving experience and will also form the basis of new business models for manufacturers. This development is only just beginning.

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