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BOSTON (May 25, 2021) – A Department of Defense software application was purchased by NATO and recently used to plan air-to-air refueling (AAR) operations during Ramstein Ambition 21, a two-week exercise.

The United States Air Force, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Detachment 12, also known as Kessel Run, developed JIGSAW; the tanker fuel planning application used by the US Air Force since 2017. It has saved the DoD over $ 500 million in fuel costs and significantly reduced the time associated with planning missions to refueling. The application has provided the DoD with enhanced combat capabilities through its increased coordination in the planning of supply missions.

NATO purchased the app in late 2020, and the exercise is the first time it has used it to plan AAR operations, according to a press release from the Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office.

“The coordination between Kessel Run, NATO Allied Command Transformation, HBN and the other DoD agencies involved to see this foreign military sale case go from an idea, to a contract, to a 15-month delivery was terrific, “said Scott” Zip “Willits, the coalition’s integration manager with Kessel Run. “These software methodologies that we, Det 12, have integrated for the USAF have also potentially opened the ‘technology door’ for greater collaboration and partnerships with our allies. “

NATO Allied Command Transformation led the effort on behalf of NATO Allied Air Command to explore options to overcome the labor-intensive AAR planning process. Allied Command Transformation was able to procure JIGSAW software for NATO Air Operations Centers around the world from DoD.

“To ensure the security of our nations in such an unpredictable environment, we must keep our Alliance strong,” said Lt. Col. Jonathan Clow, project manager. “Innovation and experimentation are essential elements of NATO’s future defense, security and deterrence. A culture of experimentation within Allied Command Transformation allows us to constantly reorganize and develop our capabilities and adopt new concepts to make our Alliance more effective. “

The Allied Command Transformation team, made up of members of Kessel Run, attended the exercise to test the use of JIGSAW and to train AAR planners from a number of Allied nations, according to a statement from Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office press.

Kessel Run has a proven track record of improving efficiency, reducing costs, and modernizing the way the Air Force operates through its agile software development. With its user-centric approach to development, Kessel Run’s mission is to rapidly deliver combat capabilities to fighters and revolutionize the Air Force’s software acquisition process.

“Using the app during the NATO exercise shows how important and influential the modernization efforts of Kessel Run have become,” said Col. Brian Beachkofski, Commander of Kessel Run. “Our efforts to improve our AOC weapon systems now appear to positively enhance the capabilities of our allies.”

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