Digital Transformation Series – Ecommerce Software


To support businesses in Wales, Superfast Business Wales has created a new digital toolkit designed to help businesses improve efficiency, streamline operations, boost security and often reduce costs.

Listing over 100 cloud-based solutions, the Digital Toolkit Directory will help you find software and services you can rely on. All products listed are presented for informational and research purposes only, and recommendations are not intended to be comprehensive or to act as a specific endorsement by Superfast Business Wales.


In the next part of this series, we look at how companies can adopt cloud-based software to integrate e-commerce into their business.

Shopping online was once a convenience and a luxury, now for many businesses it is a necessity.

Electronic commerce, also known as e-commerce or Internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services through the Internet, and the transfer of money and data to complete these transactions.

The history of electronic commerce is closely linked to the history of the Internet itself. Online shopping became possible when the internet was embraced by the public about 30 years ago. It all started with companies like Amazon and eBay selling products online, and thousands of companies have followed since.

To be successful in today’s e-commerce era, sellers need to monitor online reviews and listen to what buyers are saying about their products on a multitude of review sites. Integrated marketing software is essential to manage this effectively.

Your online store should be flexible, adaptable, and scalable enough to meet your customers’ needs and future-proof your business for long-term success.

Delivering an e-commerce experience is all about delivering the best possible customer experience, so finding the right software is important. With such competition, it’s essential that you build an e-commerce journey map to ensure you choose the solution that meets your customers’ expectations.

Review the options and decide if you should sell directly to your customers through your own website, or if hosting a store with a retailer, such as eBay or Amazon, could give you a wider reach with less expense Management.

Customer buying behaviors are changing, and businesses that will thrive in the digital age must be ready, flexible, always on, and have the right software partners to run the machine room.


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