BBVA creates a global software development unit


BBVA has created a global software development division that brings together more than 16,000 developers across the bank with the aim of accelerating and better coordinating the delivery of digital services and products.

Led by Francisco Leyva, the new unit will execute and coordinate the bank’s major technology transformation programs globally, hosting more than 16,000 internal and external staff dedicated to software design, development and maintenance.

By creating a global unit, BBVA claims to be able to create services that can be shared between applications in all the countries in which it operates and follow a common data model. According to the bank, this will ensure increased productivity, faster updating, improved security and better quality of software development.

According to Leyva: “By building these common components faster, we will be able to deploy services globally, without having to start from scratch in each country. Globalization of components in all countries would otherwise take us eight years, but with these progress, we think we can do it in four.”

BBVA also benefits from using DevOps, says Leyva: “Using DevOps at all levels allows us to optimize the entire software development cycle. It’s not just about using specific tools , but to change the way we work.”


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