Arvind Jha, Senior Vice President, Software Development, Newgen Software.


In an interaction with Shweta Papriwal, Editor-in-Chief,, Mr. Arvind Jha is Senior Vice President, Software Development, Newgen Software said “The products reflect our 30 years of passion and entrepreneurship, especially in document management and process automation, with customer success as the top priority. The deep integration capability and architectural coherence of our platform further explains its unique name. “

You recently unveiled the NewgenONE platform, please elaborate on the idea behind this unique name?

The pandemic has accelerated the need to transform business processes and applications and to embrace digital. It has also created a strong need to offer self-service, remote integration and an improved customer experience. As a result, global businesses are looking for platforms to quickly create new digital experiences, products, and services and leverage cloud infrastructure. Applications created using the platforms can handle all types of documents and digital content, integrated into business processes, workflows, analytics and reports. Additionally, the apps help deliver highly personalized and richly formatted customer communications across multiple channels – mobile, tablet, and web.

Recognizing the need for end-to-end applications that enable businesses to accelerate digital and deliver highly secure, secure and compliant systems, we set out to create NewgenONE. The NewgenONE digital transformation platform, our end-to-end low-code application development and management platform, integrates our recognized and industry-leading products for Contextual Content Services (OmniDocs), Work and Process Automation (OmniFlowiBPS) and Customer Engagement Platform (OmniOMS).

The term “ONE” means unified, leader, unique and in harmony. All of our products are developed by our research and development team. The products reflect our 30 years of passion and entrepreneurship, particularly in document management and process automation, with the success of our customers as a top priority. The deep integration capability and architectural coherence of our platform further explains its unique name.

The low code is the need of the hour. How does your platform support this?

Low code has been at the heart of Newgen’s product philosophy for over two decades. Everything we’ve built helps reduce coding effort and accelerate enterprise application development while delivering world-class performance, security, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

NewgenONE is one of the top rated low code application platforms in the world. For business applications that require document and content services, and automation of workflows and processes, as well as the ability to integrate new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Machine Learning (ML), Robotic Process Automation, Cloud Services, Third Party SaaS Services, etc., NewgenONE is one of the top choices of leading IT analysts.

NewgenONE has a mature object-based development paradigm for defining data models, drag-and-drop form design tools, UI / UX component toolkit, simple portal designer, reports, a powerful rules engine, widget-based dashboard creation, and definition-based integration with a third-party connector catalog. This dramatically reduces coding effort and offers rapid application development with version management and team collaboration. Our cloud-based application and infrastructure management and automated deployment tools facilitate application governance with the highest standards of corporate governance.

Why should organizations adopt the NewgenONE platform? What makes it different from other platforms on the market?

As low code has grown, many products offer simple application development suitable for non-IT users, simple processes, etc. These products are very useful, but while accelerating application development, evolving new digital applications and modernizing existing complex applications, companies must meet the challenges of the digital, network and hub economy.

To meet business needs and manage hundreds of mission-critical applications with consistent UI / UX and optimal governance while ensuring compliance, large enterprises prefer NewgenONE. Not only is our platform regularly recognized by analysts, including Forrester and Gartner, but we also have a wealth of experience serving more than 550 customers around the world.

A product platform is more than just functionality. Our customers across all industries recognize our flexibility and deep understanding of their IT and business needs. We have won strategic contracts thanks to the proven capabilities of our team, its customer orientation and its culture to deliver on our commitments. Our flexible and cloud-ready business models are a major asset to our global customers.

What kinds of changes will organizations need to make to adopt the NewgenONE platform? Will they have to replace their existing systems?

Today, global companies want to migrate from legacy content management systems to modern cloud-enabled content service platforms. They want their business applications to integrate data between applications and give them all the controls they need to stay in charge of their IT.

NewgenONE supports deep ecosystem integration and open APIs to help you connect your disparate data sources and applications and bridge information silos. You can leverage your existing investments – from legacy applications to modern cloud-based solutions) by seamlessly connecting your operations to internal and external systems and applications. The platform comes with plug-and-play adapters out of the box and supports REST and SOAP web services.

Additionally, Newgen creates migration toolkits and frameworks with our global system integrators and channel partners to help customers adopt the platform faster.

What are you doing to make NewgenONE smarter?

We are adding “smarts” to platforms in two dimensions. We make it easy for our customers to use our AI / ML engine, Cognit, to train their data and integrate information into processes, thereby accelerating process automation. Additionally, we offer out-of-the-box social media integration with NLP-based semantic analysis to make intelligent decisions on customer support processes.

At the same time, we are adding domain-specific models, data fragments and process packages to make developers “smarter” when creating / modifying business applications. In addition, all of our studio tools offer support and suggestions for improving developer productivity.


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