AMG & Associates™ Leverages Experience to Launch Clamshell™ Software Application to General Contractors and Construction Subcontractors Market


“Bringing Clamshell into the construction industry is an exciting step for the AMG and Clamshell teams, and has fulfilled a strategic goal of diversification for our business,” said Albert Giacomazzi, chairman of AMG & Associates and Clamshell. “Through the use of Clamshell, AMG has experienced drastic improvements in our project accounting processes resulting in positive financial results, and we expect new Clamshell users to experience the same.”

Clamshell, a cloud-based application, simplifies project accounting for general contractors, subcontractors, and design professionals. The software can quickly generate AIA and 702/703 forms, progress billings and payments, real-time margin reports, and can help identify project issues while helping field and office staff stay in sync with real-time data. Because it’s cloud-based, Clamshell is also accessible from anywhere, which is a great advantage for people who can work remotely, and has features that prevent users from overwriting server data. ‘team.

Luke Brody, a UC Berkeley graduate and lead developer of Clamshell, explained the genesis of the project in collaboration with AMG. “While doing IT work with the AMG team, I realized that some project applications leave gaps in the process, which often lead to human input errors and unnecessary overtime,” said brody. “After extensive research and collaboration with the AMG team, we put a team of software engineers to work to produce Clamshell.”

General contractors and subcontractors can try Clamshell for free for the duration of their first project. For a limited time, Clamshell is also offering premium account setup and customer service for early adopters of Clamshell. For more information, please visit or call 844-434-3994.

About AMG & Associates, Inc.
Founded by Albert M. GiacomazziAMG & Associates, Inc. (AMG) was incorporated on April 14, 2005 as an S-corporation. Since then, AMG has 50 full-time employees and has completed more than $800 million in public and private works for 16 years as a general contractor. Our head office is at Santa Clarita, California. We carry out work in California, Arizona, Nevada and Texas. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured, with expertise in pre-construction services, construction management, rental-leaseback, design-build, design-bid-build, general contracting and supply from general engineering services to private and public works markets. In 2021, we began construction on our largest award-winning project to date: a $45 million Fine Arts Complex for the Allan Hancock Community College District in Sainte Marie.

About Clamshell, LLC
Clamshell is a software application project developed in 2019 to help general contractors and subcontractors with their project accounting processes. Clamshell is cloud-based and available on any web browser. Clamshell currently manages over $140 million the value of construction projects.

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