50 Best Private Software Companies of 2020


Inc. – dedicated to covering private business owners and managers – recently released the Inc. 5000 2020. This list of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies in America is grouped by industry, including engineering, manufacturing, transportation and others. The software category was particularly impressive with its median growth of 197%, total revenue of $13.4 billion, and contributions of more than 46,000 jobs, according to Inc.

These award-winning companies represent the fastest growing software application-based service providers. Most focus on popular online marketplaces such as insurance, mortgages, wealth creation, job search, healthcare selection, product distribution (often cannabis and art supplies) , resellers and other goods and services. Whatever market they cover, software engineers will find the innovative techniques that interest them, from user interface design and methods to accessing fairly dispersed databases or HTML indexes, going through new online business models and using the latest software technologies.

For example, some of these companies use creative user interface and customer engagement approaches, such as in the interactive entertainment experience of Number 6 – Hunt a Killer. Others use innovative agile processes, data science, analytics, and new product development techniques to help customers solve problems and create value.

Several winners use artificial intelligence (AI) to develop intelligence and create products. One in particular – Number 27, Defined Crowd Corporation – offers a platform that combines both machine learning technology and human intelligence to provide much-needed training data for AI systems. AI training is becoming a major issue for many reasons. One of the concerns is power consumptions the continued growth of data centers consume an inordinate amount of energy. The ongoing transition to AI and cloud computing will further accelerate these trends. “An MIT study last year found that training large AI models can result in emissions (energy) nearly five times the lifetime emissions of an average American car,” Al Gore explained. at the recent SEMICON West virtual conference. He went on to say that advances in chip design and manufacturing have enabled smaller, more power-efficient devices.

Without further ado, here is are the top 50 software companies that made it to this year’s list.

John Blyler is editor of Design News, covering electronics and advanced manufacturing. With a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics and a master’s degree in electrical engineering, he has years of experience in hardware-software-networking systems as an editor and engineer in the industries of advanced manufacturing, IoT and semiconductors. John has co-authored books related to systems engineering and electronics for IEEE, Wiley and Elsevier.


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